Lack of transportation, affordable housing and isolation for seniors

Aging at home is what 90% of seniors prefer to do. The cost of living to stay at home versus living in an assisted living facility or group home typically winds up being more affordable. However, the factors such as having adequate transportation and isolation make growing old at home very difficult.

When seniors who live on their own do not have access to social activities or can shop on their own isolation begins to play havoc on their health. Depression, fatigue, and other mental illnesses start to wear on them as well.

Carol Marak, Chief Public Relations Officer, Aging Alone Spokesperson & Advocate, shared some comments from her Facebook Group about aging at home with little support and connection.

“Budget, transportation, and health are the main causes of my isolation. I had to give up driving because of severe glaucoma. Also, having a rare autoimmune disease makes me exhausted most of the time.”

“Loneliness and isolation are a real problem. Our culture is different than most Asian and Latin cultures where no older person has to worry about being alone.”

According to the US Census, senior adults living alone at home numbered approximately 11 million. Our team at Fancy Senior Concierge recognizes the need of the hour is to support our community and the families within our community that have aging seniors wanting to remain in their homes. Call us today so that we can discuss your needs and thus begin a new journey together.


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