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We have been providing concierge services for over 25 years in South Florida. Call us and let our experienced team care for you or your loved ones!​

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A concierge is a trusted person or team to assist with completing daily tasks. We provide the following services.

Fancy Senior Concierge serving Palm Beach County, Miami Dade County and Broward County

Caring Companionship

The goal of Fancy Senior Concierge is emotional support and socialization along with: – Light housekeeping, – Running errands, – Planning and scheduling appointments, – Transportation to appointments and other services, – Preparing meals, – Communicating with family members.

Household Management

Fancy Senior Concierge offers household management on a formal or informal basis depending on the client’s unique needs.​

Fancy Senior Concierge transportation services

Errand and Transportation

Fancy Senior Concierge will provide beneficial services such as transporting to and from the local senior center, to healthcare and therapy appointments, and other activities, companions to help older adults remain active and engaged, and also ensure that they’re able to receive vital services.

Grocery and Personal Shopping

Older adults and people with disabilities may also struggle with mobility and other challenges that make carrying out everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or personal shopping. Fancy Senior Concierge can relieve a tremendous burden from our care recipients, resulting in greater quality of life.

Meal Preparation

Fancy Senior Concierge offers a valuable benefit for older adults who face challenges in keeping up with daily household chores, such as preparing meals, or light housekeeping.

Light House Keeping

Fancy Senior Concierge provides light housekeeping, and other helpful services to enable your aging loved ones to remain independent and in their own home.

Bill Paying

Fancy Senior Concierge companions visit at least once weekly, while some may visit two or three times per week to help older adults with managing bills and maintaining such obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A concierge is a trusted person or team to assist with completing daily tasks.

As your loved ones age they are not able to do everyday tasks, or they may become home bound due to an illness. Don’t let your loved suffer, reach out to us today and let us help keep their day-to-day running appropriately.

Concierge services for someone in their senior years accommodate the elderly where they need it most, such as participating in a hobby or interest, visiting and chatting, attending to household duties, and taking them to the doctor, among other things.

The concierge is a companion for their clients as an assistant. A nurse’s aide or caregiver will speak with patients directly about any health issues and determine whether they need further medical care.


“The staff is very friendly, compassionate, and helpful. I received the best in-home care service. The staff understood my needs and I would recommend this company to anyone. Very professional. Thank you!”
- Robert S. -

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We provide concierge services for the elderly and are certified by the National Senior Care Association.

We can help you

We provide concierge services for the elderly and are certified by the National Senior Care Association!

We can help you!