About Us

Meet our staffs

Coralee Douglas Owner/Managing Director

Coralee founded Fancy Senior Concierge in 2020. She launched Fancy Senior Concierge to provide support and services to the seniors, while they remain Independent in their home. Coralee have over 30 years experience working with the elderly She wanted to open a senior concierge company that brings joy and customer satisfaction to our seniors. Our staff is passionate about providing the best quality services. Within the past years, we have built a team of care professionals that is passionate as she is and take great interest in providing the best care for the senior community.

Shandeen Smith/Chief Operating Officer/Project Manager

My name is Shandeen Smith, the COO of Fancy Senior Concierge. I have over 10 years experience as an administrative assistant and 5 years experience as a personal assistant. I manage and handle the daily administrative tasks, ensuring company policies and goals are met, and implementing company wide strategies. Our team makes it a top priority to provide the best care.